Author: (Tiffany Connors)

Dec 01

What to Do When They’re Due

If you graduated from college this year, congratulations!  Also, your first student loan payment is due. (Cue sad trombone.) If you borrowed federal student loans to cover your college expenses, you get a six-month grace period from Uncle Sam before he starts pestering you for payment. If it’s any comfort (I know, it isn’t), you’re […]

Nov 23

How to Get Debt Free

Student loan debt isn’t reserved for the young. In fact, it’s becoming a bigger problem for those well beyond the traditional campus quad years. Of the $1.5 trillion student debt Americans owe, people age 50 and older owe 20% of it — $289.5 billion. And borrowers 62 and older held $72.9 billion in outstanding federal […]

Nov 14

How to Know if a Conventional Loan Is Right for Buying a Home

Conventional sounds so… conventional. But the traditional path to home ownership doesn’t have to be boring — especially if it could save you thousands of dollars over the life of your home loan. Government-backed loans — like the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) or Veteran’s Administration (VA) — might get more attention for the low (or […]

Oct 24

Hidden Costs of College That Financial Aid Won’t Cover

How much does college cost? If you’re already listing tuition, books and room and board, that’s a good start.   But it’s just the beginning. College expenses extend well beyond the sticker price that universities typically provide in your financial award letter and can leave you scrambling to cover the extras. “You could add $5,000 to […]

Oct 19

What Is a CSS Profile and Why It’s as Important as FAFSA

There’s a lot to think about when you’re considering that dream college, but did you remember to apply for financial aid?  If you replied, “yeeeees (mom), I remembered to fill out the FAFSA.” That’s great. But did you remember to submit your CSS Profile? Wait — the what? Maybe there are still a few things […]

Oct 13

How to Trade in a Car With Negative Equity

When you walked into the dealership, you fell in love with your current car. It was so shiny and new.  Five years later, you’ve fallen out of love with your gas-guzzler with the thread-bare tires and are wondering if you could just trade it in for the next beauty. Then you remember you still owe […]

Sep 25

When to Say No to Loan and Credit Line Increase Offers

We teach kids not to take candy from strangers — maybe adults could learn the same lesson about money from lenders. If you’re getting offers of money you didn’t ask for — from student loans to home equity lines of credit — it may be tempting to take the money as a short-term fix for […]

Sep 24

Student Loan Forgiveness Programs That Can Help You Wipe Out Debt

Ever wonder what life would be like if you could make your student loans disappear? It’s possible, but it isn’t magic.  Or immediate. Or easy. Or likely. (Sorry.) But considering the mounting pile of outstanding student debt in U.S. — at $1.5 trillion, student loans were the largest non-mortgage source of household debt in 2018 […]

Sep 18

How to Determine if You Can Get Parent Plus Loan Forgiveness

After a lifetime of pouring your heart and wallet into them, it’s your kid’s college graduation day. As you wipe away a tear, you think, “I’m all done here, right?” Not so fast. If you took out Parent Plus loans, you could be looking at paying for your kids’ college education long after the pomp […]

Sep 13

How Getting a Credit Card After Bankruptcy Could Help You Rebuild

Bankruptcy can feel like the end of the world, or at least the end of your financial one. It’s typically the choice of last resort when you’re unable to pay your debts, but that doesn’t mean bankruptcy is rare. In fact, in 2017 alone, more than 767,000 people filed for a non-business bankruptcy, based on […]