WestCoastCarLoans finds B.C. residents – all residents – quick, affordable car loans. The service we provide is grounded in a core collection of six foundational tenants, each of which centre around openness, fairness and convenience.

Loans available for all B.C. residents

No matter your financial situation or driving record, we’ll find you a great lender that’s willing to offer you a fair interest rate. We boast an approval rating just shy of 100%. This is a point of pride with us, because we believe everyone should be able to choose a car they love.

Car loans for bad credit

Having bad credit can be disheartening. It can be difficult to find a lender who trusts you, and even then, they’ll often punish you with exploitative interest rates. We’re different. We work with lenders that address poor credit scores fairly, so you aren’t forced to choose between a terrible loan and no loan at all.

Finding the right match

WestCoastCarLoans works with several different lenders. Each time someone completes the form on our website, we assess the information and match that person with the most appropriate lender. What makes one lender more appropriate than the next? Well, some lenders reward good credit while raising interest on people with bad credit. Others have more flexible and negotiable terms. Based on the information you provide, we’ll seek to pair you with the lender that gives you the best deal.

Fast, easy & free

Our service is simple and free. The form we provide takes a few minutes to complete and costs nothing. The worst possible outcome is that you decide not to work with our recommended lender. The risk is pretty low. But because you might wind up saving thousands of dollars by uncovering the lowest interest rate, the reward can by significant.

No pressure, no obligation

Buying a car is often a large financial transaction, so we understand it warrants consideration. That’s why we don’t put pressure on you to hurry along. Once you’ve completed the form, we’ll put you in touch with a lender. Then, if you decide you want to think about things, or decide to decline their offer, there’s no fee and no problem.

Discreet and non-invasive

Money can be a sensitive issue. The questions contained within our form have each been selected because they are necessary to determining the car loan options available to you. If a question isn’t 100% pertinent, we won’t bother asking. We also keep the information you provide us to ourselves, sharing it only with the lender we match you with.